Magic of Children in the Arts- Take in weekend 2016

It was a busy weekend at the Collingwood Public Library with our awesome volunteers collecting, sorting and entering hundreds of children's art pieces into our data base. Many dedicated teachers took time out of their weekend to make sure their students work was submitted on time. Thank you!!

We had a great team of volunteers: Thank you to Sharon Stewart, Marianne Lepa, Ron Domerchie, Florijan Papa, Haley, Sadie, Yvonne Gibson, Joan Walters, Pam Burbidge and Pat McCrindle! You were super organized! Thank you Melanie Vollick for taking photos of over 900 artworks.

It was a lot of fun seeing the variety and great artwork come in! Congratulations kids for your hard work!  Our talented Magic Teaching Team delivered 42 art workshops for the children in the libraries and local schools over the past month in preparation for the show: Thank you Sabrina Parrish, Jordan Eveland, Shelley Hannah, Ayrlie MacEachern, and Bev Stableforth. This is going to be the best show ever!


Hummingbird Montessori school teacher delivering her students artwork.