Magic of Children in the Arts 20th Anniversary Party

We had a great turnout yesterday for the 20th Anniversary Party. The music by HazenDave was fantastic and brought back so many memories of their music for the TVO children's series the Book Mice .

The handmade decorated cookies by Lori Saunder's emerging company Custom Cookies & Other Creations were delicious. The kids went crazy over them.

Bubbles the Clown was a big hit, especially with my granddaughter, who is still talking about Bubbles, and her beeping nose.

The biggest excitement yesterday of course was all the kids, their artwork and the fantastic prizes provided by Minds Alive Toy Store. Jeff and Janet partnered with us and have been great to work with. The prizes that every child received were top quality art materials.

The other big accomplishment was our 20th Anniversary Commemorative Book. It looks great! 32-pages detailing our entire twenty year history. There are free copies at the library. And it is packed full of interesting stories and pictures. There is a downloadable copy available.