ArtsVest Ontario partners with the Magic of Children!







The Magic of Children in the Arts has been approved to participate in the ArtsVest Ontario program. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our organization. Collingwood was selected among hundreds of other Ontario communities to receive this unique arts funding.

This is how it works: for every new Collingwood business sponsor dollar we raise, ArtsVest will match that amount. The concept is a fun way to engage and partner with local businesses and develop a creative approach to working together. The result is a win-win for everyone. For Example: if a business sponsored an art workshop at the library, a theme reflecting their business sector could be developed:  a car dealership sponsor theme could have children draw and paint futuristic vehicles in imaginary worlds. The dealership could participate in selecting it's favorite piece and have the image printed on greeting cards.

There are lots of ways for us to work together with Collingwood businesses and inspire our community to get creative! Please contact Lory MacDonald to discuss how YOUR business can get involved.