25th Anniversary Art Walk Sponsors & Info

For the month of April, the Magic of Children’s Art show will be celebrating this very special anniversary with an Art Walk spanning the downtown core of Collingwood!

Local businesses are participating by displaying a 2’x4’ collage of a selection of the art work from the last 25 years. We are encouraging parents, children and Magic Alumni to take a stroll through the participating businesses and try to locate their art!

We are doing an aggressive advertising campaign spanning local media outlets, all social media platforms as well as multiple websites. That means multiple mentions and highlights of your business across multiple plat-forms.

The Magic of Children’s art show has had a great impact on the community over the years, and with your support, we look forward to more great years ahead! It is the largest children’s art exhibition in Canada!

Please consider your sponsorship of this important project today!

Contact diana@bombshellevents.ca for more info!

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